Leica Akademie

Leica Akademie – For Photographers, by Photographers. Any camera, any level of ability.

Leica Akademie Australia continues Leica’s long tradition of high quality photographic education through both experiential events as well as seminars, all offered in cities across Australia.

Headed by Principal Instructor Nick Rains, the Akademie’s goal is to increase the fun and enjoyment of photography, expand photographic knowledge and bring the total Leica experience to a new generation of photographers.

Whether you are a user of another camera system, an experienced Leica photographer or you are just starting out, there is no better way to improve your photography than with the Leica Akademie. The Akademie offers a wide range of workshops and photographic trips throughout the year.

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“You clarified a lot of misconceptions about depth of field and “exposure”. I had struggled with histograms but you explained the purpose of histograms in such a way that even a novice like myself can now use histograms etc. to the best advantage. Your manner of instruction and lecture notes were spot-on, as were your pictures.”
Michael D – Photo Fundamentals

“Just a short note to thank you and the rest of the team for today. Model was gorgeous and takes great photos. This would have to be one of the best courses that I have ever been on. The use of natural light was fantastic. I have a lot to learn and the collective experience in the room was immense. I’ll be back!”

Michael D – Available Light Portraits

“Thank you very much for an excellent day on Saturday. I learned a great deal about digital black and white but also a good deal more from all the sidelines we found ourselves discussing. In addition it was really enjoyable; there was also a pleasant break over lunchtime. Thank you for the superb and complete notes which I downloaded today.”
Jane B – Digital B+W Workshop

“In the past I have attended a couple of similar workshops but The Kimberley one was the best in all aspects .The instructors were very friendly, helpful and ready to give advice at any time, the accomodation and food was the first class, the agenda of shooting and lectures was very useful. I learned a lot and enjoyed the company of nice people and am looking forward for a new workshop.”
Konstantin B – Kimberley Experience

“I’m really surprised by the amount of pics that I absolutely LOVED from today! What great fun and a whole new shooting experience!”
Leah K – Editorial Portraits Workshop, Perth.

“I’ve been writing about photography and cameras for over 30 years, but this Leica Akadamie workshop proved that there’s always something new to learn and that having your creative batteries recharged by such an intensive experience is beneficial beyond measure.”
Paul Burrows (Editor, Camera and ProPhoto magazines).  Kimberley Experience

“I would like to congratulate Leica on the concept of Leica Akademie. Having attended both an In Focus workshop (and booked two more) plus the On Location workshop at Home Valley Station in the Kimberley I highly recommend Leica Akademie. The quality of the organisation and detail to learning is nothing but impressive and special thanks must go to the conceiver of the format for the Kimberley workshop, combining Landscape, Fashion and the Australian outback. The workshop was challenging and inspirational.”
Phil C, Perth. Kimberley Experience

“I found it incredibly informative, in fact it was one of the most useful workshops I have ever attended.”
Rosalie N – Digital B+W Workshop

“Fantastic workshop, thanks for all your insights, tips & tricks. Can’t wait to fire up Lightroom and try them out.”
Tony Redhead – Lightroom Workshop

“Thanks for the great workshop today, I got lot out of it and I would love to have more of such informative sessions on various subjects. Your style of explaining things is so clear and interesting. Book me in for the next one you’ll be having please. Thanks again”
Irena P – Camera to Print Workshop

“For anyone who wants to advance their photo cataloguing skills plus their post production skills, I would highly recommend this Lightroom workshop. Nick is a highly knowledgeable and very professional presenter representing Leica Akademie in Australia. You don’t need to be a Leica owner to benefit from these workshops.”
Heather P – Lightroom Workshop